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german_1 Blog

One of the most popular languages for translation in our agency is German. We are often contacted by clients who are going to travel to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland. And for this they need to prepare documents - translate into the state German language, notarize, put an apostille.

translation-agency-kyiv_1 Blog

About the translation agency

Kyiv Regional Translation Agency works with both Ukrainians and foreign citizens. At the same time, we are ready to provide services regardless of where you are now. Our translation centre in Kyiv has an office in the city centre - next to the metro station Maidan Nezalezhnosti: 7/1 Taras Shevchenko lane, Kyiv city.

Apostille-translation Blog

If you are going abroad not for tourism purposes, then sooner or later you will need your documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, education documents, etc. If you need them to be accepted in another state, at first, you must go through the legalization procedure.

Uae_Embassy_Attestation_1 Blog

Kyiv Regional Translation Agency helps clients to get duplicates of personal documents. It happens that the birth certificate may be lost, but it is needed to process other documents. In this case, it is important to get a copy that will be legally binding.

apostile-sng Blog

Each of us has faced the situation that certain documents need to be issued within a specific timeframe. Or dealt with certificates that expire within a few months. That is why you may have a question: how long is an apostille valid?

armenian_1 Blog

Kyiv Regional Translation Agency provides services for the translation of documents from Ukrainian into Armenian, from Armenian into Ukrainian. We work with texts of any complexity, including specialized translations: legal, technical, economic, medical. Translations into other languages are possible, please, check with managers.

business-2 Blog

All business owners know how important it is that all information in documents, business correspondence, on the website is true. Each sentence must be clearly checked and not carry a double interpretation.

commercial-document Blog

Today, the borders between states are being erased not only for tourists, but also for businesses, organizations and enterprises. This is a big plus, but at the same time there is a need for the correct execution and translation of commercial documents. These are not only legal texts, but also financial documents that contain graphs, tables, diagrams and highly specialized terms. To translate such texts, you need not just a good knowledge of the language, but the skills of a professional translator.

document-translation Blog

Kyiv Regional Translation Agency will help you to translate documents into English and other languages of the world. Whether you need a translation for personal or business purposes, our team will help you. We will make an official translation of documents, thanks to which you can use them in public and private institutions around the world.

passport-translation Blog

Kyiv Regional Translation Agency has extensive experience in translating personal documents, including passport translations, birth certificates and other documents. A passport is one of the most important documents required in various situations, including traveling abroad, obtaining a visa, business activities and employment. Therefore, the translation of passports is one of the most popular services in our office.

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