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Most clients turn to Kyiv Regional Agency to get a professional translation of texts. Our company has vast experience, which we gained over 20 years of work. We work with all types of documents, erasing the boundaries between 87 languages. There are no impossible assignments for us: we will cope with a large volume, tight deadlines and complex, numerous terms from different fields of knowledge.


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We translate texts on any subjects and into any language

Our experts will cope even with the highest level of complicacy. There are translators working with legal papers, scientific articles, journalism, as well as narrowly focused topics among our employees. Therefore, there are no impossible tasks for the company, we try to approach them comprehensively, taking into account the subtle aspects and wishes of the request clients.

The main requirement for all documents is the preservation of informativeness, correctness and accuracy of facts. Professionals adhere to the style of presentation and retain the author's message (if any). They pay special attention to terms.

The service is available for source materials of any style:

  • official,
  • scientific,
  • technical,
  • medical,
  • economic.

We accept various formats and styles. When processing specific types of papers, there are rules and requirements. For example, for artistic text, it is necessary to convey the atmosphere, the general mood and the unique style of the author. One line is important here, so that the readers do not get the feeling that the pages are written by completely different people.

Translations of legal texts, as well as technical and medical ones, require compliance with the correct use of terms. The presentation should be clear and precise, ambiguous interpretation is not allowed. The style of presentation does not change due to adaptation, it is preserved. Lack of clarity of facts is not allowed, only specific information. In English and in Ukrainian, the same meaning of what is written should be traced.

No matter what assignment you addressed us with, we guarantee a competent approach and execution exactly on the agreed date. Discuss all the subtle aspects and wishes with the manager at the initial stage of discussions. We will take into account all the peculiarities of the upcoming cooperation, view it comprehensively.

If you are looking for someone who will make a high-quality translation of the text, turn to Kyiv Regional Translation Agency. For each request, we involve several people to ensure a high level result. Experts with the corresponding specialization work on industry articles, for example, technical ones. Everything is double-checked by proof-readers and editors to identify inaccuracies, errors, and typos. The client receives a well-executed project.

Only with us: high-quality translation at affordable prices

Skillful service delivery can only be achieved through a well-established process, where team members are responsible for their own function, while making a contribution to the common cause. If the document is large, a team of several people is working on it, which speeds up the process.

Kyiv Regional Translation Agency is open to work with any format: presentations, articles, instructions, drawings. If necessary, we will make the same layout as in the original.

We can help with website material. We localize Internet resources, shops, promo sites for other regions of the world. We customize the sites to the cultural characteristics of users.

What does the price depend on?

  • language, complexity, popularity;
  • subject; different specialists work on legal and technical articles;
  • urgency,
  • additional requirements, for example, the resulting material is needed in the same layout.

The most popular requests are in English. Today, it is an international communication language, so the service is in demand. Especially if you need to understand the terminology. It is quite easy to translate the words at the everyday, colloquial level. Although not everybody, even those who know the language well, can cope with scientific formulations. Therefore, real experts work on such projects. A simple mistake will be fatal.

Requests are placed by both individuals and companies. We respect business ethics and comply with confidentiality requirements. We are ready to expand the boundaries between peoples and countries. Rely on us if you have contacts with foreign partners or are launching into a foreign market.

Regardless of the complexity, quality comes into the picture for us. If you need an urgent translation of a text, we are ready to attract more specialists to complete the order in one or several days. Although this affects the cost.

We also use modern software that helps speed up the material processing. For large volumes and regular customers, we create a glossary in which we indicate frequently used terms. We do this to avoid double interpretation, the use of different words denoting the same thing. It is important that the same approach to the use of words and their meanings can be traced throughout all pages.

How can I order a text translation?

Kyiv Regional Translation Agency is also available for citizens from other countries. Ukrainians abroad can safely turn to us for help. Modern technologies, as well as international postal and courier services, make our work accessible to everyone.

Contact us in any convenient way:

1. Fill out the feedback form on our website.

2. Write at our e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. Or come to our office at: Taras Shevchenko Lane, bld. 7/1

Clarify any issue with our managers by phone: +38 (044) 500-87-87

Employees will be able to make an accurate calculation of the cost only after they see the entire scope of the problem. Remember that urgency also affects the price. If the translation is to be ready in the coming days, we can involve several people in the work so that we can hand over everything at the agreed time. We can process any scale of information by translating texts.

A quality service is a well-constructed work of all specialists. At the first stage, a manager who will lead the customer communicates with you. Documents are worked on by employees who use modern software and glossaries, as well as their many years of experience. At the last stage, the check is carried out by editors and proofreaders, who proofread all the pages to find misprints. Verification takes place at 2 levels, which eliminates inaccuracies and errors.

We guarantee that the work will be performed on time, and the quality of the finished service reveals all the experience and potential of our team.




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