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Order a translation of the certificate into Ukrainian, Russian, English or any other language you need.

And we will professionally translate and notarize it.

We have the most profitable, fast and high-quality translations in Kyiv!


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Kyiv Regional Translation Agency is your reliable time-tested partner!



By making translations in our Agency, you SAVE your money and time! Why? Because we also translate the seal and notary's executory endorsement, and you will not have to do it again abroad.


We will quickly translate any certificate

In our daily practice we perform translations of the following:

  • Certificate of birth;
  • Certificate of marriage;
  • Certificate of divorce;
  • Certificate of death;
  • Certificate of change of name or surname;
  • Acknowledgment of Paternity and others.

On the translation of Ukrainian certificates into Russian, English and other languages

Translation of certificates for obtaining a tourist visa

Most consulates of foreign states in Ukraine accept and process documents submitted by citizens of Ukraine for a tourist visa under a simplified procedure.
Due to this, some of the documents from the submitted package of documents, including certificates, are translated into a foreign language and do not require any certification.


To obtain a visa to a Schengen area country, it is usually enough to translate certificates and other documents into English, which will significantly reduce your costs compared to, for example, translation into Portuguese.


Translation of certificates for submission to foreign authorities

When submitting certificates to the authorities of foreign states, it is important to take into account the fact that in most cases affixing an Apostille at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is required; then you should make a notarized translation and, in some cases, affix a second Apostille or legalize them at the consulate of a foreign state. Often we advise you to re-obtain a certificate of a new sample (duplicate) from the Civil Status Registry Office, because a number of countries require that the date of issue of a paper on the territory of Ukraine does not exceed certain time before they are submitted to the required authorities, which is true for Italy or Spain, for example.


Our Translation Agency cooperates with the authorities of the Kyiv Civil Status Registry Office, so we will always be able to obtain a duplicative certificate for you as soon as possible.


Requirements for the execution of original certificates subject to legalization or apostillation

If you still decide to submit a certificate for affixing the Apostille stamp without receiving its duplicate, it is important to know that:

  • The certificate should not be laminated;
  • There should be no additional stamps or marks (for example, on the issuance of a passport) on the certificate;
  • The certificate should be stamped by the Civil Status Registry Office, and not by the executive committee of the local authority.

On the translation of certificates into Ukrainian

Translation of the certificate from English, German and other languages into Ukrainian

Requirements for registration of certificates issued abroad to be submitted to the government agencies of Ukraine depend on the purpose, for example:

  • upon receipt of a TIN for a non-Ukraine child, a translation of the birth certificate into Ukrainian is required, certified by the seal of the translation agency;
  • upon receipt a child care allowance, a notarized translation of a birth certificate, previously legalized or apostilled in the country of issue of the document, is required;
  • when changing a surname in connection with a marriage concluded abroad, a notarized translation of a marriage certificate, previously legalized or apostilled in the country of issue of the document, is required;
  • when entering into a marriage with a previously married foreigner in Ukraine, it is necessary to provide a notarized translation of the divorce certificate (court decision on divorce), previously legalized or apostilled in the country of issue of the document.



For documents issued on the territory of the CIS countries, you will have to provide us with the original certificate, and we will perform its notarized translation into Ukrainian. This is enough to validate documents on the territory of Ukraine.

Kyiv Regional Translation Agency employees have extensive experience not only in translating documents, but are also aware of the correct execution of documents, the legalization and apostillation procedures, and also know the requirements for documents issued by both government agencies and organizations both in Ukraine and abroad.


Translation of a certificate of birth into English

Nowadays children have a lot of unique opportunities to travel around the entire world. A child can go to another country for an excursion, treatment, study, and for many other reasons. There are a lot of opportunities, but you have to prepare some documents. Very much depends on their impeccable execution. It will not be possible to do this without cooperation with the translation agency employees.

It often became necessary to have a professional translation of a birth certificate into English. This language is considered the most common. It is spoken in many countries, but residents of other states often resort to using it. Usually negotiations are conducted in it.

A high-quality translation of such a document is required in most cases when a child crosses the state border. Very often, a birth certificate is required, which must be translated into English by experienced professionals. Except for the translation, certification of the document is also required.

In many situations, a translation is required, for example, to obtain a residence permit, immigration to another state, obtaining a visa, and many such cases. If a child is sent on a trip abroad without their parents or only with one of them, you’ll have to collect some documents.

Almost every translation error can play the role of a reason for refusing to obtain a visa, etc. Therefore, translation of a birth certificate into English should be performed only by experienced professionals. They must know the key features of the language, all its subtle aspects, so that they can correctly convey this or that piece of information in the document.

Our translation agency guarantees the highest quality when it comes to English translation of birth certificates. After the translation, notarial certification can be done immediately, which makes the document completely ready for use. Thus, it is guaranteed that the document will be accepted at the embassy and any other authority. Translation into English is performed promptly and clearly. As a result, the document meets all generally accepted standards in this area.

We work properly. Polite employees of the Agency will take the order and complete it in a short time. Prices for services are really affordable, which attracts a lot of people. Feel free to turn to us for translation.


Do you need a high-quality and urgent translation of a certificate? Contact us!

A friendly team, quality services, favourable prices for the translation of certificates and their notarization are here for you.




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