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You may need a translation of a power of attorney to represent your interests in the territory of a foreign state. Essential here is that the power of attorney is correctly drawn up, professionally translated, and duly attested!

More than a power of attorney translation!

By contacting our Translation Agency, you can:
  • draw up a power of attorney with a notary cooperating with our office, who is competent in issues of international law;
  • get a professional translation of the power of attorney;
  • get advice on certification options for your specific case and carry out notarization in the necessary way, including apostille and legalization.

Besides, foreign citizens who do not speak Russian or Ukrainian can use the services of a professional certified translator for deals and documents drawn up by a notary.


When submitting powers of attorney for translation into English or another foreign language, it is necessary to provide the spelling of the names and surnames of the persons mentioned in those powers of attorney according to their international passports.

Translation of the power of attorney into Ukrainian

The state bodies of Ukraine accept only the duly attested powers of attorney drawn up by notaries of foreign states. The method of certifying a power of attorney to be valid on the territory of Ukraine depends on diplomatic relations with the country that issued the document.

For example, for a power of attorney obtained in Poland it is enough to be translated into Ukrainian and notarized. As for the power of attorney received in Italy, it should be additionally apostilled directly in Italy, and only then it should be translated into Ukrainian with subsequent notarization.

If you do not know how to properly draw up a document to be valid on the territory of Ukraine, you can consult our specialists and seek their assistance with both translation and proper certification.


To get a TIN by attorney drawn up in the CIS countries, it is sufficient to translate a notarized copy of the grantor's passport and affix the seal of the Translation Agency. You don’t have to translate the power of attorney.

Translation of a power of attorney into Russian, English or another foreign language

If a power of attorney is drawn up to represent interests on the territory of the CIS countries, it will be sufficient to make its notarized translation into Russian. Besides, we will additionally translate the notarial writ of execution and notary’s seal into Russian, saving you the trouble of the document refinement on the territory of CIS countries.

For other countries, you will need a different method of certification, usually more time-consuming.
Rest assured that you can rely on us for everything concerning translation, proper certification and advice on issues of your interest related to international law. We are waiting for your orders!


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