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Order a translation of the certificate into Ukrainian, Russian, English or any other language you need.

And we will professionally translate and notarize it.

We have the most profitable, fast and high-quality translations in Kyiv!


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Kyiv Regional Translation Agency is your reliable time-tested partner!



By making translations in our Agency, you SAVE your money and time! Why? Because we also translate the seal and notary's executory endorsement, and you will not have to do it again abroad.


We will perform a notarized translation of any document

Our translation agency will professionally and promptly translate all types of personal documents. The most requested are the following:

  • Translation of the passport;
  • Translation of the diploma and academic transcript;
  • Translation of marriage, birth certificates, etc.;
  • Translation of the proof of employment, bank statement, certificate of a good conduct, and health certificate;
  • Translation of the power of attorney;
  • Translation of the letter of consent for travel of a minor child, etc.;
  • Translation of the employment record book;
  • Translation of the driver’s license.

Translation of documents into Ukrainian

In order for the documents issued on the territory of the CIS countries to have legal force on the territory of Ukraine, it is enough just to make a notarized translation of documents into Ukrainian in our Translation Agency.

For documents issued on the territory of other foreign states, before performing a notarized translation into Ukrainian, it is necessary to complete the procedure of their legalization or affixing an Apostille in the country of the document origin.

If you do not know or are not sure how to properly draw up the documents to be valid on the territory of Ukraine, please contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will advise you completely free of charge. If necessary, we’ll help you not only with a notarized translation of your documents, but also with their legalization or apostillation.


If you have never translated your documents for the purpose of their use on the territory of Ukraine, but you have relatives in Ukraine whose last name is similar to yours, you can provide us with its spelling so that there is no further disputes with government agencies regarding prove of family relationship, for example, for inheritance registration.


Translation of documents into Russian

To validate Ukrainian documents on the territory of the CIS countries, you have to translate the papers into Russian, followed by establishing of not only the authenticity of a translator's signature, but also notarization of a copy of the document (in cases where the translation is filed not with the original document, but with its copy).

At the same time, our Translation Agency can also make a translation of the notary's executory endorsement and the seal, made in Ukrainian, for you to avoid updating translations, and, accordingly, financial costs, on the territory of CIS countries.

Intriguing fact!

If the text of the entire Ukrainian document was drawn up in Russian, but there is at least one stamp, seal or inscription in Ukrainian, you should make a notarized translation of this document into Russian, actually translating only the Ukrainian part of the document.


Translation of documents for a visa in Kyiv

Most consulates of the Schengen member states take up documents from Ukrainian citizens under a simplified procedure, when it will be enough to translate documents into English and certify the translation with the seals of Kyiv Translation Agency, and in some cases even attach a printed translation to the original without any certification.


Most consulates do not return taken up documents for visa, so if you need any of these papers in the future, be sure to get a duplicate of them. Most often, this concerns a parents’ consent for travel of a minor child, which will subsequently required to present to the border service of Ukraine when the child crosses the state border.

Almost all consulates of the Schengen member states take up translations of documents not only in the national language, but also in English, which you can use and save your money, because translation into English is cheaper than translations into other European languages.


We can help not only with the translation of documents for a visa, but also with filling out a visa application form and consulting on any related issue.


Translation of Ukrainian documents for action on the territory of another state

For many years, our Agency has been engaged in translating documents in Kyiv.

We have partnership relations with a number of consulates of foreign states, we know and comply with the requirements of other states for translations and their execution. You can safely entrust us with your documents, we will professionally prepare their translations to be valid abroad.


To translate documents into English, Italian, German, French and other languages, our translators will definitely need the spelling of names and surnames according to the passport of the persons indicated in these documents, in order to avoid discrepancies during their transliteration.

When translating documents for action abroad, you should not only to translate them professionally, but also to properly execute the entire package of documents. At the same time, the requirements of government agencies of foreign states may differ significantly.

However, within one state, there is still a single approach to the procedure for validating documents issued on the territory of a foreign state. If we ignore those countries that have bilateral agreements with Ukraine regarding document flow, namely with the CIS countries, there are two ways: consular legalization and apostillation. You can learn more about these procedures in the relevant sections of our website.

A number of countries set requirements for the date of issue of documents on the territory of another state. In such cases it is important that the date of their issue does not exceed certain time before they are submitted to the required authorities. Such requirements exist, for example, in Italy and Spain. At the same time, these requirements also apply to official records of births, deaths and marriage: marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.

Translation of the documents into English

English is considered an international language. Partners use it for negotiations, draw up deals, consult, etc. So, translation of documentation into this language is often required. The main thing is to seek support in a good place where there are experienced employees.

The professional and experienced full-time translators of our Agency make it possible to get the high-quality translation. It can be full of specific moments. The translation can be verbal, technical, written, etc. It is often necessary to translate documentation.

High-quality translation of documents into English is performed only by experienced employees of the Agency. They can convey all the subtle aspects of a particular text without any errors. Written translation may require certification. It can be done with a special Agency seal or by notary public. The second option is to certify the translation when the document will be submitted to some official institutions.

Our Agency employees are ready to translate the document into English, edit it, certify it, etc. If necessary, notarized copies can be made. Such certification is usually required for subsequent legalization and submission in the country of destination.

All the documents translated into English by our Agency meet all existing standards. The document translation fully conveys all the details of the text, its key nuances, etc.

Translation into this language may be required for many documents. For example, a person is going to go abroad, to an English-speaking country for study or work. It is necessary to prepare the documents and translate them. After that, an Apostille is usually required to be affixed on the documents to become legally binding. Our employees provide all these services. Employment in a foreign company usually requires the preparation of documents and translation of them into English. Other documents can also be translated into it.

The advantages of working with our Agency and ordering translations here include constant quality. Ongoing cooperation with clients makes it possible for us to gain experience and make perfect translations. Customized approach satisfies any request. The company provides services at affordable prices. We work very responsibly, and all our translations are of exceptional quality.


Do you need a high-quality and urgent translation of a certificate? Contact us!

A friendly team, quality services, favourable prices for the translation of certificates and their notarization are here for you.



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