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Order a translation of the certificate into Ukrainian, Russian, English or any other language you need. And we will professionally translate and notarize it.

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Do you need a diploma translation?

Do you dream to get an education at one of the best universities in the world?

Are you planning to get a job in a prestigious company abroad?

One of the first steps towards your dream will be the preparation of a package of documents, which must include a translation of a diploma. And we will help you with this!


Ukrainian diplomas. What is important to know?

What are the requirements for properly executed diplomas and academic transcripts?

In order for a diploma of education to be valid on the territory of another state, it is often necessary not only to make a notarized translation of the diploma, but also to affix an Apostille on it in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, which, in turn, scrupulously approaches the appropriate execution of diplomas with academic transcripts.
In this regard, we would like to draw your attention to several important points.

Starting from 1999, Ukrainian universities began to issue plastic diplomas with a special protective hologram to their graduates in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1,260 dated 12.11.1997.

Only diplomas of faculties of related and additional professions of universities on training for a new occupation since 1999 can be made according to the old model, as a book.

Since 2001, academic transcripts to all university diplomas should be issued on special blue forms, and since 2003 they should be executed only in Ukrainian.

Pay attention if there is an entry about the series and number of the diploma to which this transcript relates, the date of issue, registration number, the seal of the university and the signature of the official who issued the document in the academic transcript.

In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine returns the documents submitted for apostillation to the holder to bring them up to proper form.



In some specialist diplomas on training for a new occupation there is a note “not valid without diploma of basic education”. In this case, it is advisable to translate the diploma so that the documents are definitely accepted by a foreign organization.


Features of the translation of diplomas into English, German, Russian and other languages

When translating diplomas and their supplements, the names of specialties, qualifications, as well as the names of subjects, our Agency employees translate in accordance with accepted international standards, taking into account the standards of the country where the translation is going to be used.

Let us also note that each country has its own system for assessing the acquired knowledge. It is essential that the appointing authority has an idea of the level of knowledge of the diploma holder.


If necessary, our employees supplement the translation of the diploma academic transcript with comments in which they specify the correspondence between the assessment systems.


Notarized translation or legalization of a diploma?

If you need a diploma translation for further study abroad, it is important to know the requirements of a particular university for the documents required for admission.

Usually, in order for the educational documents to have legal force outside Ukraine, an apostille should be affixed on them or they should be legalized by the embassy (depending on the country where the documents are submitted to the university).

In this case, it is necessary to translate a diploma into a foreign language only after the apostillation (legalization) procedure.

Besides, one of the requirements may be for the translation of a diploma by a sworn translator.

In any case, we can advise you, suggest the right way to execute the documents, and take this process over.


Translation of a diploma into English

The translation of a diploma from this or other educational institution has become increasingly required in recent years. It may be necessary in a variety of cases, for example, when a person is going to move abroad, start working, studying there, etc. Those who have foreign-style education documents may require a notarized translation of a diploma in order to be able to get a job.

It may seem to someone that translating a diploma into English is quite a simple matter. But it's not. There are many features and specific points that should be taken into account during the translation. And this can only be done by experienced professionals with detailed knowledge of the language and its nuances. After translation, legalization of the document is usually required, which makes it completely legal for later use. The diploma becomes official only after legalization, and it will be recognized by formal structures in other countries. Therefore, we recommend to entrust translation of a diploma into English to professionals who provide comprehensive services. We are ready to perform an accurate, prompt and affordable translation, as well as the legalization of a diploma.

Our professional service guarantees the correct translation and the right execution of the diploma legalization. The employees who work in the Agency are familiar with all the basic requirements for this kind of work performance. Thus, the translation of diplomas into English is always performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. A diploma and an academic transcript with grades are translated. If you turn to us, you will avoid double expenses that may arise when contacting translators and a notary separately. An Apostille is affixed to the document, proving its legality. Diploma translation into English service makes you get a document ready for use abroad.

We provide our services at the most affordable prices. Our employees can translate a diploma into English in a short time. The quality is guaranteed. You can translate almost any such document, for example, a diploma of a specialist, master, bachelor. The cost usually depends on the number of characters and other details. Our advantages include an integrated approach, because the diploma is translated competently, but also proving its validity is carried out.


Do you need a high-quality and urgent translation of a certificate? Contact us!

Rest assured that our employees are competent in translating diplomas into English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, French, Czech, Turkish and other languages.

We always know the current requirements for paperwork, so you can safely rely on us in this matter!

A friendly team, quality services, favourable prices for the translation of certificates and their notarization are here for you.




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