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The list of required documents for obtaining a visa usually includes a certificate of income. It is required by employees of almost any consulate to apply for entry visa. This document enables employees of a government agency of another state to give an appropriate assessment of a particular person budget. It is on the basis of the information obtained from this certificate that the level of material well-being is determined, and also the purpose of entry into the country is established. After all, it can be different, for example, employment in a more well-paid job or just a tourist trip. However, it is not enough just to get this certificate, it should be correctly translated, and Kyiv Regional Translation Agency will help you with this.

Certificate of income translation features.

Upon receipt of the certificate issued by a particular organization, please familiarize yourself with its contents.

Many questions may arise about the translation of such a document. Several circumstances must be taken into account. Some states draw up documents exclusively in the official language. Therefore, the translation of the certificate of income should be done into the language of the country where the person is going to enter. There is also another option, when government agencies can work simultaneously with several languages. This nuance, as a rule, is specified in the embassy.

The certificate should meet the following requirements:

  • The certificate should be drawn up on the letterhead of the organization with contact details or contain a stamp with the details;
  • The date of the certificate compilation and the outgoing number should be specified;
  • The certificate is signed by an authorized person, often the head of the company or their deputy;
  • The surname and initials of the person signing the certificate should be indicated opposite the signature;
  • Be sure to have the seal or stamp of the organization in the certificate. If it is necessary to notarize the translator's signature on the completed translation, the seal should be official without the words "For sealing documents", "Office";
  • Certificates subject to legalization or apostillation should be drawn up in Ukrainian.

The presence of the above data in the certificate indicates the competence of its compiler and the correctness of its compilation in accordance with the office work, which is often noted by the authorities receiving it.


Incorrectly issued certificate of income can cause a visa denial.

The certificate of income should contain the following information:

  • Name of the company, its address, contact numbers (landlines);
  • Number and date of the employment order;
  • Position held;
  • Wage rate;
  • Information about the guarantee of retention of position and wages for the duration of your stay abroad, indicating specific dates.


The head of the company can, but should not sign a certificate of income for themselves. Let their deputy and chief accountant do it.

Validity of certificates and their translations

Most certificates contains information that may change over time. So although the certificate does not indicate its validity period, each of the organizations determines the validity period of certain translated certificates at its discretion.

Intriguing fact!

The closer the date of receipt of the certificate to the submission deadline, the better!

Notarization of the certificates translation

Often, not only the translation of certificates of income is required, but also its notarization. After the translator's work, a notary usually works on the certificate. They certify the translation, putting their own seal and signature on the document. After that, the certificate becomes completely valid. It's best to do it all in one place to ensure quality. Kyiv Regional Translation Agency will provide translation and certification at the highest quality level. You should also pay attention to the fact that when upon submission of a document to foreign authorities, sometimes it is necessary to translate the notary's executory endorsement into the same language as the document itself.


In almost all cases, the translation is filed to the original certificate, instead of its copy.

You can get the necessary information about legalization and apostillation on certificates in the relevant sections “Legalization of Documents” and “Apostille on Documents”.

Translation of certificates into English, German, Italian and other languages

When translating certificates from Ukrainian and Russian into English and other languages, it is necessary to provide the spelling of the first and family names according to the international passport of those for whom the certificate was issued. This is because the rules of transliteration in Ukraine have changed several times, as well as the fact that some first and family names can be indicated in accordance with the wishes of the owner of the passport according to previously issued documents.


Please provide the spelling of names and surnames according to the international passport

We will take care of all the rest professional translation of the certificates and their notarization and, rest assured, we will complete the work as soon as possible!

Always fast, high quality and inexpensive work of Kyiv Regional Translation Agency!



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