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There are many different certificates, the translation of which may be necessary to anyone. These include: certificates from the civil status registry office, of good conduct, proof of income and much more. But often it is necessary not only to obtain such a certificate from the relevant authority, but also to have it translated. We strongly recommend that you do not do the translation yourself, because in this process there are many details and peculiarities that should be taken into account. Kyiv Regional Translation Agency is always available to help you in this matter.


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What should you pay attention to when executing certificates?

Upon receipt of the certificate ordered in a particular organization, be sure to familiarize yourself with its contents.

The certificate should meet the following requirements:

  • The certificate should be drawn up on the letterhead of the organization with contact details or contain a stamp with details;
  • The date of its compilation and the outgoing number should be indicated on the certificate;
  • The certificate is signed by an authorized person, often the head or their deputy;
  • The surname and initials of the person who signed the certificate should be indicated opposite the signature;
  • The seal or stamp of the organization on the certificate is required. If it is necessary to notarize the translator's signature on the completed translation, the seal should be official and not contain the words "For sealing documents" or "Office";
  • Certificates subject to legalization or affixing an Apostille should be drawn up in Ukrainian.

The above data in the certificate speaks for the competence of its compiler and the correctness of its compilation in accordance with office work, which is often noted by the authorities where it is submitted.

When may a certificate translation into English be required?

Our company translates certificates into many languages, but English is considered the most popular. For example, documents are translated into it when a person applies to English-speaking institutions, embassies, consulates, etc.

A translation of the certificate may be required when traveling abroad. It is often required to obtain a visa. For example, you may need a proof of income that confirms that a person meets all current requirements. You may also need any other certificate, the translation into English of which can only be entrusted to us – true specialists.

When may a certificate translation into English be required?

The English language has a lot of nuances and features that should be taken into account when translating a certificate. It is necessary to translate the text part of the document, as well as all other elements, for example, inscriptions on stamps, handwritten text, and so on. Some components cannot be translated, such as series and document number. Such details can only be known to an experienced translator, who has already seen a lot of certificates.

Now you can easily translate a certificate of any type. Although it is better to turn to where, except for the translation, other services are provided, including certification and legalization. It is better to arrange them in a package, because it is usually not enough to just translate a certificate. It can be accepted for consideration in a foreign country only if it is correctly certified. Thus, it is necessary to translate the document and carry out the legalization procedure. It can also have different levels of difficulty. Sometimes you can use an Apostille, which greatly simplifies the procedure. A special stamp is placed on the document, which gives legal force to the document. However, sometimes more complex legalization may be required, but our experienced employees will be able to do everything at the highest quality level.


Proof of employment

Pay special attention to proofs of employment!

Quite often, translation agencies receive proofs of employment, which are not properly drawn up, for translation. A proof of employment should necessarily meet all the above requirements and contain the information necessary to confirm that you have an employment, a permanent income and guarantee your return after your stay abroad.



An incorrectly issued proof of employment may be the reason for refusal to obtain a visa.

Knowing the requirements of consulates and embassies of foreign states, we point out significant shortcomings in the certificates and advise on the correctness of their preparation.


Required data in proofs of employment

The proofs of employment should contain the following information:

  • Name and address of the company, contact numbers (landline phones);
  • Number and date of the employment order (service);
  • Position held;
  • Wage rate;
  • Information on the guarantee of job and wages retention for the duration of stay abroad, indicating specific dates.



The director can, but does not have to, sign the proof of employment for themselves. In this case, it would be more correct if this is done by their deputy and /or chief accountant.


Validity of certificates and their translations

Most certificates contain information that may change over time.

And although the certificate does not indicate its validity period, each of the organizations at its discretion determines the validity period of certain certificates with translation.

Intriguing fact!

The closer the date of receipt of the certificate to the deadline for submission of documents, the better!

Most organizations have the following requirements for the validity of certificates:

  1. Proofs of employment – up to 1 month.
  2. Proofs of student status (school, establishment of higher education) – 1-2 months.
  3. Bank references – from 2 weeks to 1 month.
  4. Health certificate – 1-2 months.
  5. Certificate of good conduct – from 3 to 6 months.

Translation of certificates into English, German, Italian and other languages

The rules of transliteration in Ukraine have changed several times, and some family and first names can be transliterated and indicated in the passport in accordance with the wishes of the owner.

Therefore, when translating certificates from Ukrainian and Russian into English and other languages, it is necessary to provide the spelling of family and first names according to the foreign passport of the person to whom the certificate was issued.


Proper execution of certified translation of certificates

Translation of certificates for embassies and consulates of the Schengen countries in order to obtain a tourist visa is often simply filed to the original document without any certification.

In other cases, you will need a notarized translation, or a translation certified by the seal of a translation agency.

Please note that when submitting documents to the authorities of foreign states, it is sometimes necessary to translate the notary's executory endorsement into the language the document is translated.


In almost all cases, the translation is filed to the original certificate, instead of its copy.


Do you need a high-quality and urgent translation of a certificate? Contact us!

A friendly team, high-quality services, favourable prices for translations of certificates and their notarization are here for you.




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