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Many Ukrainians do not know where to get a certificate of good conduct. It is required when drawing up or losing documents, to obtain a visa, residence permit or getting employed abroad. The short validity period complicates an issue, so it is important not to delay the receipt procedure.

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Certificate of good conduct in Kyiv: what is it for?

Both Ukrainians and foreigners apply to the translation agency for this document. The certificate is issued only on the territory of Ukraine. The information in it indicates the absence or presence of a criminal record of a particular person. The paper confirms that the person is not wanted, is not serving a sentence, and if there is a criminal record, it has been expired.

Foreigners need a certificate to obtain official paperwork for living or employment in Ukraine. This is a mandatory step in obtaining citizenship or a residence permit. A certificate execution is required for banking and credit organizations. It is not enough to get the original once and constantly use it. The document is valid 1 to 3 months.

Why are certificates of good conduct necessary for Ukrainians?

Citizens of Ukraine have to make an inquiry to the Ministry of Internal Affairs offices for various reasons. For some, these are processes associated with their activities within the country, for others – for traveling abroad.

The most common causes:

  • Obtaining an entry visa. The requirement is put forward by a number of countries.
  • Registration of a residence permit in a foreign state.
  • Official employment in a foreign company.
  • Studying at a college, university in a foreign country.
  • Receiving or restoring previously lost documents.
  • For adoption of a child or getting custody.
  • If you need to obtain an authorization to possess weapons.

There may be more situations than listed above when the paper is required. Regardless of the purpose, a certificate is got at the centres of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, if you do not have the opportunity to deal with this issue on your own or you have to do it urgently, Kyiv Regional Translation Agency will help you.

How can I get certificate of good conduct?

We help our company new and regular customers to draw up the necessary documents quickly. Getting it turns into a simple and comfortable process that you do not have to take time off work for, to be taken away from your work. People turn to us regardless of the place of their residence, it is enough to send documents, and our managers will do the rest. Even if you live in Kyiv, there’s no need to come to our office.

What do you need to order a certificate of good conduct?

Contact us in any convenient way: by e-mail, phone or come to the office. The last option is convenient if you work in downtown. Managers will tell you how to get the service quickly. Below, there is a list for Ukrainians.

Paperwork for the certificate of good conduct:

  • Copy of your domestic passport. It is the first page and the registration page we need.
  • The purpose for which you are requesting the certificate. The paper can be issued in different forms, depending on the request.
  • The purpose for which you are requesting the certificate. The paper can be issued in different forms, depending on the request.

Foreigners provide a copy of their own domestic passport (first page).

The application is filled out by the Agency managers and submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs office. With our help, everything is performed quickly – usually it takes 1 working day. The service is relevant when there is no time to wait and go from instance to instance. The finished document is valid 30 to 90 days, depending on the purpose.

If you need to order a police clearance certificate in Kyiv for submission to foreign institutions, we recommend that you immediately contact the Agency. They do not accept Ukrainian documents abroad without translation and proper execution. Therefore, it is better to do everything at a single location. Save your time and money.

Ukrainian documents require translation, notarization, and legalization. Where to draw up and do it quickly? In Kyiv Regional Translation Agency, the specialists will take on even such a task, completing it as quickly as possible. Remember that the validity of the certificate is limited. That’s why, you should not receive it in advance, as well as delay receiving for a long time.

Our company helps you to draw up paperwork and make a translation into 1 of 87 languages. Notarization confirms the translator's qualifications. At the next stage, we send a certificate for apostille or consular legalization. It all depends on the country the customer is going to. Each step can be completed in a matter of days so that you have a finished document. Check with the receiving party for their requirements.

Our team works to make your getting documents accessible to everyone and save you from going to offices, queueing and filling out endless forms. You mind your own business, and we erase the boundaries for you.

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